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What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

They go by many names: K-Tips, Bonded Extensions, Keratin Bonded Extensions, Flat Tip Extensions, Cold Fusion, or Hot Fusion. Fusion hair extensions are individual hair extensions that have a keratin tip, that is gently heated using a professional fusion gun, and is gently molded onto the natural hair. The extensions are strategically placed on the client's head to create fuller, longer, more voluminous hair and hair styles. Fusion hair extensions can also be used to create changes in hair color, without using chemicals, or altering the client's natural hair color. Because fusion hair extensions are individually bonded, they can be completely customizable, and can be used many different ways.

Fusion Hair Extensions
AMFusion Application

Each bond on the extension is about the size of a grain of rice, which makes fusion hair extensions the most discreet and concealable hair extension method available. Most hair extension companies offer fusion extensions with multi colored keratin bonds, that can match the client's natural hair to blend the extensions even further.

Whether your client is brunette, blonde, a redhead, or fully dimensional, there is an option to match, blend, or enhance, any hair service with fusion hair extensions.

Fusion hair extensions are the lowest maintenance hair extension method available. They are a one time wear, and require no move up or adjustment appointments in between extension services. Fusion hair extensions can be worn for about 3 to 4 months, and are then removed, and replaced with new hair. This allows the client more flexibility and since the extensions are removed and replaced, the hair extension hair is not attached to the same hairs for too long, for a safe, and least damaging extension method.

So, stylists, if you are looking to provide your clients with the best hair extension method possible, obtain your AMFusion Certification today and learn how you can make the most of your career!


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