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What Sets AMFusion Apart From Other Fusion Hair Extensions Methods ?

By now, we all know that fusion hair extensions are the best type of hair extensions a stylist can offer their clients. Due to the extensions being individually bonded, you are able to create more customizable looks, whether to change a style, correct a style or haircut, to create a chemical free color change, or simply to enhance a client's style, length, or hair color. In addition, fusion hair extensions are the lightest weight, the most concealable, and the only type of hair extension with complete mobility. Not to mention, the longevity of wear without routine maintenance appointments.

AMFusion Hair Extension Consultationb

So with all the reasons that set fusion hair extensions far above any other type of hair extension service, why are they not more popular amongst hairstylists? Well, first it's because most hair extension certification courses, don't provide enough training to correctly perform the service. This is because hair extension companies that offer all types of hair extensions, are making the majority of their profit on wefts and tape in hair extensions, and the supplies required for these services. This leads to undereducated stylists believing that fusion hair extensions take too long to install, and don't make much of a profit. Which is a huge misconception.

AMFusion is the fastest ktip hair extension installation method, the most customizable, and concealable fusion hair extension method available. With an AMFusion certification you will not only learn the method, and how to properly consult, install, and cut fusion hair extensions. You will learn how to provide this service at an increased pace, and how to properly price your fusion hair extension providing you with an increase in profit.

Not only does AMFusion increase your profit on hair extension services, but becoming an AMFusion Certified Stylist will dramatically increase your client satisfaction, and lead to exponential and unlimited growth. Stylist that are AMFusion Certified and performing the AMFusion hair extension method have the ability to become a high six to seven figure earning hairstylist.

As a hairstylist, the potential with an AMFusion Certification is unlimited and infinite. Learn more, about fusion hair extensions by visiting our ABOUT US page, and follow us on social media @autumnmarkleyacademy.

Book your AMFusion Certification today! To view our upcoming course opportunities, click here.


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